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Landtech supports a few select partners in the green-industry such as:

  • Wahaso Water Harvesting Solutions is an integrated design-build provider of systems for harvesting and recycling rainwater, stormwater and greywater in commercial and institutional properties. A project’s overall water-efficiency can be enhanced by combining Landtech’s high-efficiency irrigation design with Wahaso’s systems for collection, storage and treatment of non-potable water sources.  For details on our partnership with Wahoso and to learn how we can design water harvesting for your next project  click here.
  • Pizzo & Associates is an ecological creation and restoration contracting group. Consider inviting Pizzo & Associates to conduct their Greenline Review process early in your next project to create an ideal scenario for establishing an ecologically pleasing environment.
  • SmartSlope retaining walls utilize nature to create high functioning, aesthetically pleasing retaining walls.
  • FiNao Advisors offers financial tools and services to improve your business processes.

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