Landech to Design Irrigation System for Kingdom Tower, Soon to be the World’s Tallest Building

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Landtech Design is pleased to announce that it has been hired by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture to be the landscape irrigation design consultant for the “Kingdom Tower” project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, soon to be the world’s tallest building.

“We are honored to be a part of the talented team of designers on such a magnificent project,” says Landtech manager Jim Davis. “Our leadership and experience with highly-efficient irrigation practices was instrumental in positioning us on the project.”

Expected to cost $1.2 billion to construct, Kingdom Tower will be a mixed-use building featuring a luxury hotel, office space, serviced apartments, luxury condominiums and the world’s highest observatory.

The cost-efficient and highly constructible design of the building is forward-looking, taking advantage of new and innovative thinking about technology, building materials and energy conservation. Landtech will harness the latest innovations in sustainable irrigation technology to design the Kingdom Tower irrigation system. Water harvesting efforts will collect rainwater and condensate from the building to supply water for irrigating the grounds’ 8.5 acres of green space. The condensation will be collected as the building’s air conditioners extract water from the humid Red Sea air and directs it into a large cistern near the base of the building. The irrigation system will include technologies such as UV sanitization, a fertilizer injection system, ET/weather-based sensors, and a central control system that will allow the entire operation to be controlled remotely.

At over 1,000 meters and a total construction area of 530,000 square meters (5.7 million square feet), Kingdom Tower will be the centerpiece and first construction phase of the Kingdom City development on a 5.3 million-square-meter site in north Jeddah. The tower’s height will be at least 173 meters (568 feet) taller than the world’s current tallest building, Dubai’s 828-meter-tall Burj Khalifa.

Kingdom Tower – Schematic Landscape Design