Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

Meet Boyd Reschke…one of our new members

When working with Landtech Design we want you to know our team not only from a professional perspective, but additionally at the personal level.  We work as a team and so that you feel like you know our team here’s a short introduction into what makes him tick.  Here’s a chance to meet Boyd….and give him a call anytime.

Professional Background

As a Professional Landscape Architect he received his Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning from Utah State University.  Since graduation he has worked in the Construction Industry for over 30 years as a contractor, college instructor an estimator and a trainer.   With Landtech Design, Boyd is the liaison on projects for landscape architects & civil engineers in the western states.

Personal Interests

Boyd and his wife Linda recently celebrated their 38th anniversary and have 6 kids and 15 grandkids(almost 16) to fill their life with fun and plenty of activities.  Travels and work have provided him with opportunity to experience places all over the US and the world.  He’s lived most of his life in Utah, where he currently resides, however has spent time in Colorado and Germany.   Living in Salt Lake City allows him to pursue his interests in photography, hiking and camping.  Additionally he is passionate about gardening and cycling, and participates in several organized century (100 mile) rides each year.

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