Firm Profile

Providing Leading Technology to the Architectural Community

Landtech Design is a leading designer of sustainable landscape irrigation systems & provider of water-harvesting solutions to the architectural community. After 20 years, we are proud to be known as: “the Landscape Architect’s irrigation consultant”.

Established in 1994, Landtech Design has years of experience in providing solutions on challenging landscape projects. One of Landtech Design’s most differentiating features is our desire & willingness to discuss with clients the options available for ‘control’ (irrigation control) on the site once it is in the hands of the end-user. We believe that the design team and their client should understand the differences in the controller’s features, communication methods, and the hand-held remote capabilities since that is the primary user-interface.

Providing a thorough and seamless planning & design effort, Landtech Design takes pride in working with the design team (in AutoCAD & Land F/X) to ensure a quality irrigation system is designed and installed. We have international experience working on several Middle East projects (Saudi Arabia, Qatar and U.A.E.) where water-conservation and graywater-use are commonplace.

In addition to irrigation design, Landtech Design can also:

  • Perform audits & assessments of existing systems
  • Explore water-harvesting options
  • Perform construction administration
  • Provide on-site inspections & punch-lists
  • Support/monitor central control systems
  • Train personnel on controller & system operation

Our objective is to be the best possible irrigation subconsultants for the professional design community, at an affordable price. Landtech Design’s five-person team has backgrounds in landscape architecture and other related fields (geology, horticulture, construction, etc.)  Our involvement often begins in the early stages of projects: pre-planning for irrigation water demand, assisting in calculating water-harvesting needs/capacities, and coordinating those efforts with the architects and civil engineers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Or to request a listing of current projects including their scope, timeline and relevant details you may submit your request and we’ll send you a download of recent projects.

Phil Gillman,  Acting Manager

[email protected]   (913) 593-6335