Landtech has over twenty years of experience designing well-integrated irrigation systems for a diverse client base


Project Highlights



Our experience covers a wide range of projects:

  • LEED projects (commercial and residential)
  • Greenroof settings
  • High-rise apartment towers
  • Feasability and Scoping for Water Harvesting
  • Drip Applications for Agriculture
  • Subsurface streetscape systems
  • Park facilities using HOA treated wastewater
  • Airport grounds with central control
  • Self-contained embassies with limited resources
  • Equestrian centers and racing facilities
  • Indoor dust-control systems (horse arenas)
  • Greenhouse and nursery applications
  • Vineyard applications
  • Athletic facilities and complexes
  • Stormwater and condensate collection systems for onsite use
  • Treated wastewater dispersal systems
  • General retail/commercial applications
  • Water audits leading to retrofit recommendations for existing systems

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