What you going to do when the well runs dry?

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What you going to do when the well runs dry?

Designs that work

When thinking about your landscape designs are you taking into account the irrigation design and how it may impact the future of our water supplies?

Consider the impact

Water keeps our planet alive. Where there’s water, there’s life. Our water is our life. Every drop that we live in, on or around must sustain a clean pure consistency for all life on earth to survive. If this water is contaminated, then we all cease to exist. The power that water has over us is immense. We as humans take it for granted until sometimes it is too late. Seventy-five percent of our earth is covered with water and the magnitude of these massive bodies is profound. We are able to send men to the moon and rockets to Mars and beyond and yet we find it difficult to explore ocean depths below two miles down. The incredible density of it makes it almost impossible. Recently science has invented specialized machinery to explore the depths of the ocean floor and have discovered incredible unexplainable life in these depths. The fact that any life can survive in such a compressed atmosphere is in such a diverse contrast to life above water. Even though we know so very little of how it thrives, we do know of one certain fact; “Life above and below water is in a fragile balance by virtue of personal and corporate responsibility”.

Design responsiblyirrigation design

Every landscape or irrigation professional carries a moral and ethical responsibility to protect not only the quality of water, but to design and install systems that are as efficient as possible with today’s product offerings.  If you are not aware of the many water saving technologies currently available in the market then I encourage you to contact the team at Landtech Design and work with them to develop a design to incorporate water conservation utilizing water efficient sprayheads, weather based controllers, weather stations and many other water saving features.

Beyond the design

I believe also we are charged with the responsibility of educating our customers as to the most efficient way to us these systems we install. If the customer is not comfortable with it, then offer a service that takes this responsibility and worry off their shoulders. Manufactures engineer and build great products that have little chance of succeeding without the help of a professional irrigation designer and contractor who has a vision well into the future. Don’t be the one to “Let your well run dry”.

That’s the View From Here….

David Wheeler